Online craps is a gambling game that uses dices and involves a number of bets. It is the most popular game played on the internet and in live casino free or for real money. The benefit of online crap is that it is available all the time with no limitation to how long you play and does not have any cost to play. Online craps uses a software that is free to download and for a new player they can even learn how to play. This game started in the Romans’’ times where the main aim of playing craps was usually to predict the rolling of a dice on a craps table and until today it is still the same especially in .


Playing Online Craps Tournaments

To play tournaments, you don’t have to travel to a casino you can play it from home as long as you understand the strategies of playing online craps. Before entering an online crap tournament, ensure you understand the rules of the game and also how their payouts vary as they differ from a casino to another. To understand the game better, learn how many players will be there and amount of their payouts. Apart from learning the basic strategies of online craps search on websites that teach on how the odds of the game works. This will prepare you well as for online crap tournament the time is timed so you will have to master your every move and utilize your time to make sure you win.

  • Understanding Online Craps Bonus
  • Best Odds for Online Craps

Most Online casinos offer free trial games and bonuses which are meant to attract craps players to join or keep playing for the already registered players. There are different types of online craps bonuses. The first bonus is offered immediately after a new player joins and places his first deposit. These bonuses are an incentive that vary from different casinos where in some casinos, this bonus is used to continue playing whereas in some casino the player is allowed to withdraw after a few requirements are fulfilled such as depositing a certain amount of cash. The other type of bonus is the one offered to attract players who have not joined the casino to join. However, this amount is always little to avoid misuse.

Playing well in online craps means understanding how the bets of the game work. Betting well means you have lowered the probability of the casino to win hence increasing your winning odds. The best thing about online crap is mastering how to bet as it always increase your odds to win against the casino. Once a dice is tossed, predicting the outcome is almost impossible and thus playing with the best odds is good. The best odd to bet on is the pass line bet since it hardly favors the casino. The main benefit of the pass line is that, if a player uses the double odds, he has brought the casino chances of winning to even.

Strategies For Online Craps

Online Craps has gained a lot of popularity becoming one of the most popular dice games played worldwide. There are lots of available strategies that Craps players can use and its thus very important to memorize and master them in order to achieve great results when playing craps. It’s important to first know the terms used in online craps and understand the difference between “good bets” and “bad bets”. Pass line betting is the most popular strategy that is made at the commencement of the game. It depends on the player rolling a number eleven or seven on their initial toss. It is considered to be the most profitable of all strategies by many players.

Don’t pass line bet is another strategy where player tosses either a two, three or a twelve. The other strategy is win betting that adopts the idea of the shooter tossing either a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten before they toss a number seven, unlike a lose betting strategy that adopts number seven being thrown before numbers four, five, six, eight or nine. Odds betting strategy is used as an assortment of different strategies and can also result in better likelihoods of winning as long as the player knows how to utilize it to their advantage. These strategies require to learn them well in order to be able to use them effectively since “it’s better to be safe than sorry”.